At Spicy's Book Club, you will find Adult Sex Books & Manuals on Adult Sex Toy Guides, Tantric Sex Position, Romance, Erotica, Diary for your Secrets, How To Enlarge Your Penis Book, Sex Therapist, Clitoral Kiss & many more Spicy Books.  We have books like the Lusty Lovers that should have a permanent spot on your Night Stand and we have books for our Latin Lovers. At SpicyNightGifts - We say "Read a book and Explore your Sensuality".

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Kama Sutra of Sexual Positions Book
More Time for Sex: The Organizing Guide for Busy Couples

The Clitoral Kiss Book

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Spicy Adult Sex Book Club
Toygasms! Guide to Sex Toys and Techniques Manual
Acts of Love - Ultimate Guide To Sexual Fulfillment
Intercourse Illustated Book
How To Enlarge Your Penis Book

Toygasms! Guide to Sex Toys and Techniques
BIGGER ORGASMS From Every Toy In This Site!
Perfect for every newcomer...and all toy lovers.

Acts of Love Guide
The ultimate guide to sexual fulfillment. The perfect book to learn techniques to please your mate.

Intercourse Illustrated Book
Intercourse Illustrated clinically illustrate with over 200 explicit photos by Dr. Walter Braun.  A perfect couple's book.
How To Enlarge Your Penis Book
This book reviews ancient techniques to modern day methods complete with actual how to do it photos. With 46 color photos.
The Clitoral Kiss Book
El Arte Del Masaje Sensual (The Art of Sensual Massage)
A Complete Guide To Foreplay Book
Joys of Masturbation Book
The Clitoral Kiss Book
The clitoral kiss book is a fun guide to oral sex, oral massage and other delights for men and women. Open the pages, smother your lover in chocolate syrup and enter the realm of the senses with: Suck, slide and twirl, The Tiger love bite, The lollipop, the motorboat, ice cream lick, snake tongue and many other techniques.
El Arte Del Masaje Sensual (The Art of Sensual Massage)
En esta obra, el doctor Yorke nos demuestra como podemos, mediante el masaje sensual, mejorar nuestra vida emocional y sexual. Un libro profusamente ilustrado, que nos hace comprender que el masaje es una fuente de placer erotico y puede convertirse en alternativa a la consumacion sexual.
A Complete Guide To Foreplay Book
Sylvia Dupree's a complete guide to foreplay book is a  comprehensive guide to the art of making love. 74 color photos
Joys of Masturbation Book
The joys of masturbation book show you all you ever need to know about the art, technique and joys of masturbation.
Ebony Erotica-A LoverGuide to SexualPositions
Erotic Passions Book
Sexpectations Book  Lusty Lover Book
Ebony Erotica Position Book
The Ebony Erotica position book is a tasteful guide for African-American to explore their  sexual fantasy..  Black erotica, black love, with black couples, showing sexual positions. 68 pages All color
Erotic Passions Book
The Erotic Passions books is a guide to orgasmic massage, sensual bathing, oral pleasuring and ancient sexual positions. For lovers who wish to be more erotic and longtime mates who wish to re-light the fires.
Sexpectations Book
The Sex Expectations book is about women talking candidly about Sex and Dating .  One of Spicy's Adult Sex Book Club favorite.  Written by R. Louis
Lusty Lover Book
The Lusty Lovers Book contains over 160 full color photos that will give you some great ideas to use in the bedroom. Ladies this book should have a permanent place on your nightstand.
Tantric Sex Positions Book
More Time for Sex: The Organizing Guide for Busy Couples
 Your Secret Sex Diary Dreams and Sexuality : Interpreting Your Sexual Dreams Book 

Tantric Sex Positions Book
The Tantric Sex positions books is another  hot one of the Spicy's Book Club. Kay Parker works as a holistic counselor where she emphasizes the integration of sexuality and spirituality.

More Time for Sex: The Organizing Guide for Busy Couples
More Time For Sex Book is the organizing guide for busy couples.  The book offers practical advice for anyone who wants more time for fun.

Your Secret Sex Diary
The Secret Sex Diary is an intimate record book, this handy diary is the place where all those secrets can be privately remembered and a must have for the sexual woman.

Dreams and Sexuality : Interpreting Your Sexual Dreams
The Dreams and Sexuality book help you to knnow exactly what the meaning of sexual dreams are.    Written by a psychologist.

 Guia Ilustrata Del Amor - The Joy of Sex  Sex At Any Size Book  Bedroom Rules for Her Book Bedroom Rules for Him Book

Guia Illustrada Del Amor (The Joy of Sex)
Guia illustrada del amor es una obra de divulgaci=n amena y muy documentada, basada en los datos que nos proporcionan la biologfa, la psicologfa y la etologfa.

Sexy at any Size
The Sexy at any Size book let you know that Sexy Is as Sexy Does...Bigger is definitely better. Written by Katie Arons -- one of the fifty million American women who wear a size 12 or larger, and a world-famous Ford model and she knows.

Bedroom Rules for Her or Him
Bedroom Rules for Her  or Him is packed full of sexy secrets every woman  or man needs to know. The comprehensive booklet enclosed provides basic bedroom do’s and don’ts , tips on how to read between the lines and figure out what your partner is saying but really asking, sexy tips, sex positions, basic bedroom etiquette, and more. You will wonder what you ever did without this little book!


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