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Gag Gifts    
Gag Condom Walnut Blow up Gag Penis
Blow Up Gag Boobs
After Sex Towel

Gag Condom Walnut
This plastic Walnut with a condom inside makes a great gag gift and a hit at any party! Gives new meaning to getting a nut. Gags Condom

Blow Up Gag Penis
This blow up penis is a playful slip-on inflatable blow up penis. Make a great gag gift or you could put it on to feel bigger..
Blow Up Gag Boobs
These pair of gag blow up boobs will inflate to 11 x 11 inches each.  Stay away from sharp objects or your boobs will be big no more..
After Sex Towel
This hand towel is made especially for use after sex. Towel measures 18 inches long by 15 inches wide. Great gag gifts.
Pecker Slippers
Pecker Gag Slippers
Plush Dicky Slippers - Fit Most Size.   Go outside and get the Newspaper - I dare you!! Great gag gifts.
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