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Anal Beads Small spheres (balls) attached on a string and designed to be inserted into the anus (or vagina) and pulled out for sexual stimulation.


Ben-Wa Balls Two large gold-plated ball bearings usually about 3/4" in size designed to be inserted in the vagina for stimulation.


Anal Lubes Lubrication to be used with any kind of sexual activity involving the anus. Neither the anus or the rectum produce any lubrication of their own so this is an "Absolute Must Use" Product!


Blow-Up Dolls Life-size inflatable mannequins often sold as a novelties but are designed for use as surrogate partners, complete with orifices and life-like body parts.


Butt Plug A dildo designed specifically for insertion into the anus. They are flared at the base and frequently diamond or pyramid-shaped to allow it to be worn inside the rectum.


Clitoral Clamps Generally non-piercing metal with padded vinyl tips and attached together with a length of chain - designed to increase clit stimulation.


Clitoral Stimulator The term can apply to a vibrator strapped against the body or a device that attached to a penis that rubs against the clitoris during intercourse.


Cock Rings - Straps Fits around the base of the penis and scrotum, restricting the blood flow out of the penis, which can prolong erection and also enhance sensations. Also See Spicy's Care Of Your Toys


Dildo Any cylindrically shaped object used for vaginal or anal insertion. Dildos don't vibrate, however, there are many battery operated dildo shaped vibrators. Double Header Has a dildo head on each end which allows use by two people at the same time also called a "Double Dong".


Dutone Balls These work much the same way as the Ben-Wa Balls with the exception that Dutone Balls are ball bearings encased in plastic and attached together with a nylon cord. When the balls are inserted in the vagina the motion of them rolling around creates stimulation.


Erection Ring (Check Out Cock Rings - Straps) Extensions Designed to be attach to the end of the penis, thus giving the appearance of greater length and the ability for deeper penetration.

Also See Spicy's Care Of Your Toys

French Tickler A condom designed with additional materials on the end, presumably to increase sexual sensation. Spicy has been informed for the most part they don't work and should be considered as a novelty item only.


Harness Used to strap a dildo onto the body. Latex A rubber type of clothing that gives a very tight fit.


Liquid Latex A paint like formula that is applied to the skin which when dried simulates extreme tight fitting latex clothing.


Lubricant Any solution - oil or water based that helps increase glide motion and cut down on irritation.


Massager Also called "Body Massager" - these vibrators are designed to relax sore muscles but can also be used for stimulation.

Also See Spicy's Care Of Your Toys


Masturbators Often shaped like a vagina, the device is used by men for more realistic masturbation.


Nipple Clamps Generally non-piercing metal with padded vinyl tips and attached together with a length of chain - designed to increase nipple stimulation.


Penis Pump A device that, with the use of vacuum, creates both an erection and enhances the size of the penis.


Realistic A dildo that has been modeled after an actual penis - many porn stars market "realistic dildos".


Strap-On When a harness is used to attach a vibrator or a dildo to the body.


Stimulators Any device that attaches to a penis, vibrator or dildo that rubs and increases stimulation.


Vibrator The term can be applied to any device that creates a vibration. Vibrators come in all shapes and sizes, powered by electricity or batteries.


Vibrating Eggs Smaller than a real egg and attached to a battery pack by a cord, the egg is designed to be inserted in the vagina to create internal stimulation.


Vibrator Sleeve Vibrator covers that add texture and shape to the vibrator thus increasing stimulation.





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